Friday, January 29, 2010


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Alan Tam Wing Lun and Miriam Yeung Chin Wa's Lunar New Year film HERE COMES FORTUNE (CHOI YUEN MAN SHUI, formerly CHOI SUN DOH) will open February 25. Director James Yuen Sai Sun praised Yeung Chin Wa, "She was very happy after marriage. She was very focused on the production. At work with her and Alan the production was very happy and smooth."

Yuen Sai Sun revealed that if the film performed ideally at the box office, he would make a sequel next year. "If the box office is ideal, I will choose three other Chinese cities to shoot in and show China's specialty in the film." In addition, CHOI YUEN MAN SHUI (FORTUNE ROMANCE HAIL) was originally titled CHOI SUN DOH (FORTUNE GOD ARRIVES). Because it had to make way for AVATAR its release was postponed to the Lunar New Year second round. The film company felt that the Lunar New Year already passed so its Hong Kong title was changed.

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