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Anthony Wong Chau Sun, Maggie Cheung Ho Yi, Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai)

Janice Man
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Janice Man, Anthony Wong, Maggie Cheung Ho Yi

Richie Jen
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Richie Jen

Janice Man, Anthony Wong, Maggie Cheung Ho Yi
courtesy of takungpao.com

The Law Wing Cheung directed film BO YING (RETRIBUTION) yesterday held a production start ceremony. Attendees included Anthony Wong Chau Sun, Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai), Janice Man Wing Shan, Maggie Cheung Ho Yi, Candy Lo Hau Yam and others. Earlier involved in an assault case in Macau, Jun Kung Shek Leung due to work did not attend.

Yam Yin Chai in the film played Wong Chau Sun's bodyguard. Lately he observed the eyes of the boss' bodyguards. Siu Chai expressed that in the film he also had action scenes. Two nights ago he fought for a night and busted his mouth; he had scenes with Kung Shek Leung and Janice Man. Was Kung Shek Leung absent due to the assault? Siu Chai said that he did not know. Earlier when they worked together they were fine. He hoped that everyone would not be too sensitive. He and Kung Shek Leung both tended to develop in music because they had common friends.

Janice Man in the film played Wong Chau Sun's daughter. In one scene Chau Sun had to slap her. Due to different angle shots, finally he slapped her eight times and her left cheek was all red. She felt that the first reaction actually was the most nature because he did not know when Chau Sun would slap her. Later takes she naturally ducked and could only remind herself not to think about it. Chau Sun praised her as well. Janice Man expressed that although she was stressed about working with Chau Sun she was very happy. She said that since childhood her parents has never hit her. This time she gave her first time to Chau Sun. She also said that before the shoot she would practice at home with herself, but did not dare to tell her mother. In the film she also had to take drug in close up shots. She felt that it was very hard to do. Luckily now those scenes were done and she no longer had to worry about them.

With his explosive personality, Wong Chau Sun often showed no mercy verbally. Recently a Mainland reporter claimed that he was arrogant, his attitude was poor and since he was caught with a female companion on a visit to a massage parlor he again became a news figure. Yesterday Chau Sun at the ceremony calmly responded to all the reports. He even admitted that he was arrogant as he boasted to be the "top ten movie bully".

Chau Sun expressed that he has not returned to Hong Kong in a long time. Earlier he remained in the Mainland for a series so his mother has begun to complain. Last night he had dinner with her. He pointed out that his mother was aging and started to show signs of Alzheimer's, but he thanked the senior home caretakers who were great to her. This time he played a rich businessman. He said that lately he played either an emperor or a rich tycoon, which made him very happy. He also thanked his friend for loaning the mansion for the shoot.

As for the earlier negative Mainland reports, Chau Sun pointed out that at the time since the reporter did not ask any question he just said not to waste time. As for being accused of arrogance, he joked, "I am arrogant. In the Mainland I am a big shot, top ten movie bully. In Hong Kong I am arrogant too." Chau Sun pointed out that his relationship with Mainland reporters was no big deal, occasionally he would get somewhat testy with the questions. As for the massage incident, Chau Sun said that his friend was a designer who has switched jobs to sell planes. He joked that in the Mainland he had many rich friends. Earlier Simon Yam Tat Wa ran into a Mainland girl who came to find him in order to promote herself. Did he often had girls throwing themselves at him while he worked in the Mainland? He joked, "I didn't, truly I am somewhat regretful. I am not as cool as him. I usually don't dress up for work, I have to take a look at myself."

Director Law Wing Cheung revealed that Chau Sun earlier brought his son to play his son in the film. Chau Sun told his son just be himself as usual. Ordinarily he yelled at his son in the same way. This time his son also received laisee for his performance. On pay day, his son gave Chau Sun HK$100, Chau Sun was so happy that he immediately framed the bill. The director joked that that Chau Sun's son was better looking than him.

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