Thursday, January 7, 2010


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As of January 3, BODYGUARDS AND ASSASSINS (SUP YUET WAI SING)'s Mainland box office accumulated to 275 million, 300 million will be without reach. Lead actor Donnie Yen Chi Tan felt quite a sense of achievement. He said, "It proves that this film has a lot of viewer support. Some even watched it more than once. The movie has many actors so the credit doesn't just go to one person. I am already very happy about being a part of it." As for celebration, Yen Chi Tan said, "I don't need any special celebration. Everyone knows what to do!"

Recent Yen Chi Tan was crowned the 2009 most profitable star. Chi Tan said, "I want to thank the media and the audience for recognizing me." Reportedly he made 200 million last year. He responded, "What! 200 million? I am done for! It's too exaggerated! The tax department will definitely be after me, I would never admit that even if you kill me!" As for his salary rising to 20 million, he said, "Someone has made me that offer. As an artist I am very passive. The market naturally would adjust for your worth. Like stocks, today I am worth this much but tomorrow I may not. I can only give my all to make every movie its best. As for my worth, the market determines that. Any rise or fall is definite."

Recently Chi Tan made a Mainland underwear ad for reportedly 15 million. He said, "I am not at liberty to reveal the actual figure, but it exceeded 10 million." With the 2009 big harvest, did Yen Chi Tan buy another apartment unit for his wife? Chi Tan joked, "Hey, how come you know so much?"

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