Tuesday, January 12, 2010


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Yuen Woo Ping's latest film, the 3D martial art epic TRUE LEGEND (SO HAK YI), Vincent Zhao Wenzhou as So Chan and Andy On Chi Kit as the villain Yuen Lit had an important fight scene that was shot in the grand natural barrier the bottle mouth waterfall of the Yangtze River. The team was the first to be approved to construct a platform for film production. Because every year the waterfall only appears for a few days, the team had to fight for every second from with the natural barrier.

After investigation and research, the team finally selected to shoot in October because at the time the amount of water that flows through the bottle mouth is the greatest but flooding is the least likely. The team several months in advance began building at the waterfall and spent three months to build a 30 square meter platform with a thousand pieces of solid wood building material and NASA used steel wires to tie them up and ensure safety.

The action scene took for ten years, every second was a fight with the natural barrier. Everyday the amount of water was greater than the day before, and they had no way to estimate whether the platform will be flooded the next day. Zhao Wenzhou pointed out that during the shoot actors and the stunt team took the protective measures on the platform because the result of any accident would be tough to image. He was very confident in the team's safety precaution so he was not worried. He felt that he just had to be a little more careful. Director Lord Eight felt safety was the most important.

Because the location was a tourist attraction, it was very hard to place tourists outside the area of the shoot. The team hired a 20 person professional security team to protect everyone's safety during the shoot. The day after the shoot completed, the platform was already completely flooded. Fortunately it was successfully completed so the audience had the chance to watch this grand fight.

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