Saturday, January 30, 2010


Wu Chun, Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Daniel Lee Yan Kong, Kate Tsui Tsz Shan, and Qi Yuwu promoted earlier sans Vicki Zhao Wei
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Daniel Lee
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Xu Jiao and Vicki Zhao Wei at a MULAN promotion last year
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New film 14 BLADES (GUM YI WAI) director Daniel Lee Yan Kong, actors Wu Chun and Qi Yuwu yesterday attended a press conference in Chengdu to unveil the film promotion. Donnie Yen Chi Tan was busy with the LEGEND OF CHEN ZHEN (JING MO YING HUNG) film production was absent. Rumored to be pregnant, Vicki Zhao Wei did not appear. The lead actress has been absent from the film promotion. Director Lee Yan Kong yesterday publicly admitted Zhao Wei's pregnancy. Lee Yan Kong said, "I fully understand Zhao Wei, I hope everyone can give her some personal pace. As a good friend, we stand on her side. Anyone would want to see the birth of their own child." He expressed that after completing 14 BLADES he has only seen Zhao Wei once, as they met for dinner during post production.

Wu Chun became 14 BLADES' primary promotion actor. Wu Chun gave up his usual sunshine boy image. In a topless armor he showed off his tight abs and mesmerized many female fans. Wu Chun expressed that because he liked to eat, he could only exercise more to stay in shape. Wu Chun said, "My past characters were all mild mannered. I wasn't used to playing the film's Magistrate character, but I have no bottom line for my roles. As long as the character requires it and the subject is healthy I have no problem."

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