Monday, January 25, 2010


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Alan Tam Wing Lun 24 years ago in the film KUNG HEI FAT CHOY played the Fortune God. This Lunar New Year, Alan again transforms into the Fortune God. Alan also with Miriam Yeung Chin Wa, Kitty Zhang Yuqi, Chang Chen, Sandrine Pinna (Cheung Yung Yung) and new comer Gregory Wong Chung Hiu starred new film HERE COMES FORTUNE (CHOI SUN DOH) earlier completed its production.

The film company even held a music video premiere last week in Beijing. The actors all attended. Because Beijing's temperature was 20 degrees Celsius below zero and snow was falling, Principal Tam was afraid that other actors did not bring enough clothes and often inspected the others to see if they had enough to wear. When he called Wong Chung Hiu he was surprised. He not only did not bring any warm clothing, he also wore worn jeans. Principal often poked his finger into the holes to see if he was truly immune to the cold.

Wong Chung Hiu explained that when he studied in England he was already used to the cold. Last year when he worked on a NHK television series he even went to Changchun, which was even colder than Beijing, thus he asked the Principal to relax. During this promotional event, the Principal even invited Kenny Bee (Chung Chun To) to write calligraphy for the film. Wong Chung Hiu prepared the tools for B Gor Gor and became his scholar boy. Wong Chung hiu studied in England for a long time so he rarely came in contact with calligraphy. When he saw how strong and power B Gor Gor's calligraphy was he was very interested and asked B Gor Gor for advice on how to improve his Chinese.

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