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The Yuen Woo Ping directed, Vincent Zhao Wen Zhou, Zhou Xun, Jay Chou (Chow Kit LuN) starred 3D martial art film TRUE LEGEND (SO HAK YI) earlier already released its actor costume and production stills. Playing the villain Yuen Lit in the film, Andy On Chi Kit stood out. Yuen Lit the film wore an armor to practice his evil kung fu, but it also made On Chi Kit suffer a lot.

In 2002, On Chi Kit arrived at the scene and immediately took over for Jet Li (Lee Nin Kit) as he worked for the first time with then action director Yuen Woo Ping on the Tsui Hark directed BLACK MASK 2. At the time Yuen Woo Ping often lectured him. Years later, in TRUE LEGEND he already played an important role. He not only fought beautifully but was also convincing as the villain.

On Chi Kit's look in the film was pale and cold. The armor on his skin was impenetrable. Costume designer Yee Chung Man hired a Thai special make up artist to design a body suit then sewn the armor pieces on.

Everyday before the shoot On Chi Kit needed to spend two to three hours in make up. After slowly putting on the body suit, make up made his real skin match the suit. Everyday light gray paint or glue was sprayed on him, the process of which was beyond words. On Chi Kit said that his skin reacted after a long time. After the shoot, he still took another hour to remove the gear. Everyone was very satisfied with the result.

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