Tuesday, January 12, 2010


courtesy of takungpao.com

The film DAI YI LUNG (LOAN SHARK) earlier started production in Malaysia, the cast included Irene Wan Bik Ha, Eddie Cheung Siu Fai, Sam Lee Chan Sam, Lam Suet, and Rosanna Lui San. This film was about how gamblers gamble big and how debts were collected. Cheung Siu Fai in the film played a mob boss, while Lee Chan Sam played a debt collector. Wan Bik Ha would be between them; Lam Suet and Lui San were a couple. The cast felt the subject was very stimulating. The film had many debt collecting and paint splashing scenes. Lui San even had to personally perform a glass ramming scene. However, Lee Chan Sam and Lui San during the shoot constantly suffered bruises.

Hong Kong's film production tradition required a ceremony to pray for a smooth production before the shoot, yet the Malaysian team did not. Coincidentally local actors suffered injuries and everyone felt that the Chinese tradition sometimes had to be done. Hong Kong actors also suffered injuries but they were not too severe. The production pace was very slow in Malaysia, everyday everyone waited more than worked. One paint splashing scene took place in a local housing project, which looked as great as private properties in Hong Kong. Wan Bik Ha expressed that finally she understood why Hong Kong people were so frustrated. Actually the people might not be asking for too much and the government should do something for them. Wan Bik Ha returned to Hong Kong after completing the shoot in the 14th.

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