Monday, January 11, 2010


Ethan Ruan (Yuen King Tin) avoided all contact until Ana R hinted for him to put his hand on her shoulder.

Maggie Wu (Ng Ah Hing), Ethan Ruan, Mandy Lieu and Ana R
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With all the models, Ethan still prefers this little girl
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Popular Taiwan idol Ethan Ruan (Yuen King Tin) yesterday came to Hong Kong as a guest of a watch specialty store opening. Siu Tin just completed the film MONGA and later will sing with Mark Chao (Chiu Yau Ting) and Sandee Chan San Nei for the movie. Will he become a singer like Joseph Cheng Yuen Cheung? He said, "I despise them (friends like Cheng Yuen Cheung), they always tell me to sing. Siu Chung is a great role model and I want to be on par with him, but I hope I can give some space and freedom."

Taiwan model Maggie Wu (Ng Ah Hing) was very happy to be a part of the show. She liked Hong Kong food and shopping very much. She said working in Hong Kong was like going home. Earlier Ng Ah Hing guest starred in POKER KING, she too would like the chance to make movies. Stephen Chow Sing Chi's new film is recruiting actors. She would like the chance to perform and expressed that she did not mind playing ugly. She would like to try a comedy role.

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