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The Hu Mei directed, Chow Yun Fat, Zhou Xun, and Chen Jianbin starred epic CONFUCIUS officially opens today. At noon, the director led Chow Yun Fat, Ren Quan and others to Confucius' hometown, Qufu, Shandong for an event to honor Confucius at his temple.

As for the first epic that puts the Chinese saint Confucius' solemn but stirring legendary life and the Spring and Autumn warlord chaos on the big screen, CONFUCIUS with its grand epic scenes and stimulating story development again displays a realistic, human, fresh and proud Chinese saint. The film even stars Chow Yun Fat and Zhou Xun, Chen Jiabin, Ren Quan, Yao Lu, Lu Yi and other big stars. The film has over 2,500 copies, a Chinese film record.

Today, Hu Mei, Chow Yun Fat, Ren Quan and others will arrive at the Confucius Temple. The ceremony will first start with an oration. Chow Yun Fat, Hu Mei and others will present flower baskets to the Confucius statues, pay their respect and finally the entire team will burn incenses and worship. In the afternoon, the team will head to CONFUCIUS' Shandong premiere. Director Hu Mei expressed that she was not worried about the box office. As long as the story was told well and could move people's hearts, the box office would not be a problem.

The film returned a real, flesh and blood Confucius image to history, making him a "human" and not a "god". He is a representative of China's conversation with the world. In the film CONFUCIUS, Chow Yun Fat as Confucius did not know martial art. He was more of an archery expert. He was not as tall and grand as in the legend, but like an ordinary person. He experienced a variety of pain, suffering and tragedies. Although earlier Fat Gor often joked when he talked about CONFUCIUS, "I don't know Confucius, I don't read THE ANALECTS." yet from his performance, Fat Gor put a lot of work into bringing Confucius to life. Not only did he learn traditions and ceremonies as well as instrument playing, but he also put a lot effort to grasp Confucius' internal and emotional world that few in the world understood.

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