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Chow Yun Fat's near miss

Zhou Xun

Karen Ka Wing and Tse Suet Sum, actresses and Confucius descendants

Leanne Li Yanan, Oscar Leung Lit Wai, Fala Chen, Elaine Lok Yi Ling, MC Jin, and Sherry Chen song

Fala Chen
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Zhou Xun

Chrissie Chau Sau Na and her boyfriend

Mr. and Mrs. Chow Yun Fat
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Chow Yun Fat once publicly praised Fala Chen and Chrissie Chau Sau Na. Two nights ago at the CONFUCIUS premiere, Fat Gor received support from both as he lovingly held his wife's hand.

Fat Gor once joked that if he and Chrissie worked together they would be the "film double Chow" (sounds like City Entertainment's Chinese title). He also said that among the current new comers Fala Chen had the most potential. Two nights ago when Fat Gor and Fat Soh attended the CONFUCIUS premiere, both beauties came in support. Zhou Xun at the premiere continued to decline reporter interviews and even said that she was in a hurry to watch the film. However when reporters said that the show did not start yet, she continued to leave. Fat Gor laughed and said, "She is afraid you would ask about her boyfriend!" When Fat Gor and Fat Soh walked the red carpet, two billboards suddenly fell and frightened them. Luckily security immediately caught the boards.

CONFUCIUS after three days in release received 38 million at the box office. Fat Gor was satisfied and predicted 100 million before the Lunar New Year. He even said, "For a drama that's it!" He did not have any special expectation for future box office. He would only let it take its natural course and faced it at ease. He also said that he never thought about breaking records. Fat Gor said, "THE FOUNDING OF A REPUBLIC made 400 million, it's the most amazing! It won't pass that record. Word of mouth is the most important, the box office doesn't matter." Later he will promote in Taiwan and have the chance to go to Japan and North America. Will he close down for the Lunar New Year after the promotion? He and Fat Soh looked at each other, then he joked, "Rest! It's her majesty's call." Fat Soh expressed that Fat Gor will rest half a year. As for Director Hu Mei's wish to work with Fat Gor again, he said he would have to look at the script first.

Chrissie arrived with her boyfriend. She expressed that she liked Fat Gor and Zhou Xun. Will she introduce herself to Fat Gor for a collaboration? She immediately said, "Of course I have to recommend myself!" She also said that when she watched the ceremony she could only lovingly look at fat Gor from afar. She even said that he was very handsome. When asked whether her boyfriend or Fat Gor was more handsome, she and her boyfriend looked at each other then she said, "They are different! Fat Gor is an idol, I admire and respect him. He's so distant that I can't touch him." Fala Chen also saw Fat Gor for the first time. She felt that he was very different in person than on camera. She hoped to have a chance to work with him in the future.

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