Saturday, January 16, 2010


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Director Yim Ho's talk show FLAVOURS yesterday held a screening at the Radio nd Television Hong Kong building. The program will premiere Saturday. The first episode's guest was Hung Sin Nui. Already in her 80s, Sister Nui was rather spirited in her discussion with Yim Ho about life. This interview took place in Guangzhou's Hung Sin Nui art center. In the program Sister Nui mentioned why Mao Zedong would write for her, "Live, Live Again, Live Even More, To Be the Laboring People's Hung Sin Nui".

At the same time she also talked about her love life. She mentioned after her divorce from Ma Si Tsang she met a boyfriend who once thought about suicide about he could not return to the Mainland. However, when Yim Ho asked who he was, Sister Nui coyly said, "I am not telling you!" Yim Ho did a lot of homework before interviewing Sister Nui, but because he was hosting for the first time he was very nervous during the interview. However it still felt fresh. He also said that on the day of the shoot the equipment was set in the art center lobby but Sister Nui wanted to do the interview on the second floor. Finally he brought flowers to coax Sister Nui to come down. He said that although Sister Nui was in her 80s, she still was very gentle. If he treated her like his mother she would be unhappy.

Did Yim Ho take the chance to ask Sister Nui to guest star in his movie? He said that he once suggested to Sister Nui to put Cantonese Opera in a film, but Sister Nui declined. She felt that Cantonese Opera should not be made into film. Instead she could still consider making movies. She even asked her god son Ng Yu to tailor a character for her. Later Yim Ho will visit Beijing, Tokyo, Shanghai and other locations to interview Chua Lam (Choi Lan), Agnes Chan Mei Ling and Liu Xiaoqing. He would like the chance to interview Di Na and comprehend her legendary life.

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