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Jackie Chan, Wang Leehom (Wong Lik Won) and Korean hunk Yoo Seung-Jun star in the Lunar New Year film LITTLE BIG SOLDIER (DAI BING SIU JEUNG), which will be released in mid February. The film's lead actress is Big Brother Jackie Chan's new favorite and Zhang Ziyi's junior colleague Lin Peng. Jackie Chan last year brushed shoulders with Lin Peng at last year's Beijing Olympics and her aura caught his eyes. He immediately signed her to his company. Lin Peng in LITTLE BIG SOLDIER plays a singer who has to seduce Big Brother and Wong Lik Won, a test of her acting and her charm.

Lin Peng just graduated from Central Drama Academy this year, but at the 2008 Beijing Olympics opening ceremony Zhang Yimou already assigned to her the important role of the female teacher who led the children to paint scenery and at the closing ceremony the volunteer who extinguished the flame. Thus she was named a "Mou Girl". After a year she turned into the Jackie Chan Lunar New Year film LITTLE BIG SOLDIER's female lead. The turning point was a moment at the Beijing Olympics. Jackie Chan felt that she had a lot of potential and luck with the audience, thus he signed her to his company and officially made her a "Lung Girl".

Lin Peng caught the eyes of two film greats as soon as she arrived at the scene. She said, "Sometimes I feel I have been too lucky so I have to work twice as hard in return. I have to properly cherish it even more, I hope I won't disappoint people's expectation of me."

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