Friday, January 22, 2010


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Ming Dow, Eddie Peng Yu Yan and female lead Yuan Xinyu earlier had the chance to shoot the film GUNG JOI JI CHET (AS CLOSE AS A FEW FEET) on the roof of Taipei city government for the first time. The trio expressed that the shoot truly was too cool. Ming Dow and Peng Yu Yan shot a key friendly boxing match. The director asked them to box topless in the cold wind. Director Cheng Hsiao-Che expressed that many foreign and Hong Kong films had rooftop scenes, but they were rare in Taiwan films. Thus he decided to put the two male leads on the roof for a friendly boxing match.

Ming Dow took boxing training for over a month for the film and lost 4 kilograms, but he claimed that his physique was no match for Peng Yu Yan's because he had an eight pack abs. Peng Yu Yan trained for over two months and lost 5 kilograms. He said that after completing this film he could box part time. As for this boxing match, Peng Yu Yan expressed that he would truly fight because it would be too dangerous. In addition a lot of the action needed to coordinate with camera positions. Yet before practice, Ming Dow already hit him in the forehead. Fortunately he was fine.

Yuan Xinyu although was not in the scene came to cheer them on. In the film she and Ming Dow were a pair. They had many romantic scenes. Xinyu expressed that when they started she was very nervous and she could not get into the role emotionally. Ming Dow suddenly surprised her with a loud "ha" and she jumped. Since then the performance has been smooth.

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