Saturday, January 9, 2010


Bridge to the pole

topless, lick, grin and hump the pole
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Nearly 200 recruits

The family of three generations came from Macau for the recruitment

Ronald McDonald acts with a blow up doll

Lee Wing Ho, from Macau, and his friend both cross dress

The 17 year old student could be mistaken for a girl before he spoke

The cross dressing Mr. Cheng suddenly bursted his "implants"

Tang Kan Man brushed his teeth in a Chrissie Chau Sau Na impersonation

Andy became Bruce Lee possessed and demonstrated kung fu

Ma Wing Man resembled Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi but in the end chickened out
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Stephen Chow Sing Chi's film KING OF COMEDY made Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi into a star. Years later, Sing Yeh is planning to make KING OF COMEDY 2. Yesterday he recruited new actors at Tsim Sha Tsui's five flagpoles. Although the event did not begin until 2PM, by noon recruits already began to line up. First in line was a three generation family from Macau. With over ten people in the group, they even had someone dressed a the Goddess of Mercy. They auditioned in groups, but when asked about their age, the supposed mother did not know how old the son was. At times she said 20 and at others she said 22; the four year old grand daughter was named Joanna Lee Yuen Lam. Why did they dress like the Goddess of Mercy? Actually they wanted to promote Buddhism through the event and urged the younger generation to have less meat and more vegetables.

The strangest recruit was a 22 year old man in a woman's disguise. Actually he made a YouTube short film, playing a killer, a reporter, a sergeant and a victim. This time he played a sexy lady in hopes of turning Tsim Sha Tsui into an area of charm. The event arranged for the recruits to make contact with the flagpoles in different manner. He kissed one pole with his fiery red lips and spray milk, sending the media scrambling for cover.

Another recruit was dressed like Ronald McDonald and posed with a blow up doll in a police uniform. When a recruit asked for a photo he declined and they almost got into a fight. A foreign man who carried two pots of chrysanthemum and spoke fluent Cantonese said that he really liked Sing Yeh. He claimed that his biggest selling point was his Cantonese. Yet another recruit during the audition kept singing LOVE YOU ENDLESSLY (DUI NEI OI BUT YUEN) and imitated Bruce Lee's kicks in a curious way; a recruit who resembled Pak Chi saw how strong the other recruits were and said that her chance was slim. Mr. Chan who was responsible for the event yesterday revealed that nearly 200 people participated. They would capture some of the recruits on video for Sing Yeh to evaluate. Due to the overwhelming response, the audition that was originally scheduled to end by dusk was estimated to complete at night.

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