Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Louis Fan Siu Wong and To Yu Hang
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Yuen Biao

Sire Ma Choi, Huang Yi and Bernice Liu Bik Yi
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The film IP MAN CHIN JUEN (IP MAN PREQUEL) recently shot in Foshan. Yesterday the film company arranged for a media visit. The cast included Yuen Biao, Bernice Liu Bik Yi, Huang Yi, To Yu Hang, Louis Fan Siu Wong and Sire Ma Choi. Liu Bik Yi wore a red leather jacket. In the film she played a Japanese person so she had to learn Japanese. She said that earlier she wore this costume and worked at night, when the crew saw her under the lights they thought they saw a ghost. Liu Bik Yi this time had many action scenes, but she expressed that on her first day she already injured Brother Biao's double. Because the wire "moved", she accidentally cut his face and he needed three stitches. The director comforted her and said that this often occurred. The shot was used later.

Bik Yi pointed out that her face took a punch from Fan Siu Wong and her right cheek was swollen. She honestly said that she was worried because artists depended on their faces to work. However when the crew used an egg to ease the bruising she felt very warm. She also knew that this time had a lot of action so she bought a lot of insurance personally. Yuen Biao in the film of course had many action scenes. Not only did he fight with Sammo Hung Kam Bo but also Liu Bik Yi. Yuen Biao praised Liu Bik Yi's fighting as very convincing, with power and strength. This time he played a first generation Wing Chun role. He would give opinions on his character but not on the action design. To Yu Hang this time played Ip Man. Did Yuen Biao feel he was better than Donnie Yen Chi Tan? He felt that To Yu Hang was more authentic but lacked experience. Yen Chi Tan had experience in impersonation. This was Ma Choi's first film. She felt very happy and honestly said that her salary was not a lot, but she was very happy that so many people took care of her. She still felt that working on TVB series was able to hone independence.

Huang Yi recently was rumored to be married, which she clarified that she has not. Was she engaged? Huang Yi avoided the subject and said that it was inconvenient to talk about her personal life at work. She still was not prepared to share with everyone. She also said that with all the inaccurate reporters earlier, she would like everyone to pay more attention to her career and give her a little space.

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