Sunday, January 24, 2010


Starting from the right: Karson Lok Wai Chun, Eric, Lynna, Michelle Wai (Si Ngai) and others

Michell Wai and Bonnie Xian Seli
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Michelle Wai (Si Ngai), Bonnie Xian Seli, Emperor new comer Karson Lok Chun Wai and others yesterday appeared in the new film NUI NUI (DAUGHTER) production start ceremony. Playing a young escort in the film, Si Nga revealed that she would not only have a relationship with Tsang Kwok Cheung in the film but also have a passionate bed scene with Chun Wai. Although the film would have plenty of daring scenes and sexy costumes, luckily for her they would not exceed her bottom line.

In order to learn more about young escorts, Si Nga before the shoot visited a social worker. She did not expect to be misunderstood as she rushed to clarify herself immediately. She said, "The social worker thought I was an escort. Although I explained myself, in the end he was unwilling to tell me anything." Also playing an escort, Xian Seli expressed that she did not think too much when she took the role, but now looking back she was somewhat afraid. "My bottom line was no nudity, but most of the costumes were underwear and back revealing. With the sex scenes I really am a little scared." EO2's Eric would play a client. He joked that in the film he would reveal his backside. Thus before the shoot he got into shape and got an even tan.

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