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Jay Chou (Chow Kit Lun) and Vincent Zhao Wenzhou both praised Yuen Woo Ping for being as apt in filmmaking as in kung fu.

Jay Chou talks about his Jolin Tsai rumors, but Zhou Xun keeps her mouth shut about hers.
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Jay Chou, Yuen Woo Ping, Zhou Xun, Vincent Zhao Wenzhou
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The film TRUE LEGEND (SO HAK YI) yesterday held a press conference in Beijing, director Yuen Woo Ping led the cast Jay Chou (Chow Kit Lun), Zhou Xun, Vincent Zhao Wenzhou, Will Liu, Jiang Luxia, Andy On Chi Kit and Yan Ni in attendance. Lately Chairman Chou was accused of getting back together with former rumored girlfriend Jolin Tsai (Choi Yi Lam), thus before the event reporters was told to only ask questions about the film. When the press reached the last question it could not help but ask. The host already spoke up to stop the question, but the media jeered. Fortunately Chairman Chou graciously raised his hand to express that he was fine and said, "Actually I too hope to have a chance for me to clear the air, I would like to thank this reporter for asking me. I think if it's true, we wouldn't go bowling at such a high profile place. It's just regular exercise."

Then a reporter asked Zhou Xun about her rumored breakup. Chairman Chou looked at Zhou Xun and said that he too wanted to know. Zhou Xun was stunned but returned to her usual "I think I don't need to respond." Because Chairman Chou cheered up her again, she was not upset.

In addition, playing a martial art god in the film Chairman Chou reportedly wanted to make a movie about the character. He joked that if it would truly be made it would have to wait 10 years, because financing and preparation required time. He honestly said that he liked to play the character because he thought he looked very cool. As for the character's white hair, Chairman Chou joked that if he had to perform with real white hair the film would have to wait 50 years.

The press conference also had a pleasant surprise. Jackie Chan who has worked with the director long ago recorded a video to congratulate him. Zhao Wenzhou said, Lord Eight's hard work should get all the credit for no injury despite numerous fight scenes. Zhou Xun expressed that the two toughest scenes had her dragging an unconscious Zhao Wenzhou around.

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