Wednesday, January 13, 2010


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Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin, Sandra Ng Kwan Yu, William Chan Wai Ting and Louis Fan Siu Wong earlier worked on the Wong Jing directed BEAUTY ON DUTY (MEI LAI MUK LING). In a beauty pageant scene, Ah Sa wore a tee shirt over her swimwear and compete with a group of actresses in bikini. Finally Ah Sa was brutally defeated and even fell into the swimming pool.

Wong Jing arranged for a shot that many male co-workers dreamed of. Ah Sa's face was stuck between the chests of Jeanette Leung Ching Kok and Mainland actress Lam Kai Ling. Because during the shoot the ladies had difficulties with coordination with Ah Sa's face, this scene finally took two to three takes to complete.

Ah Sa honestly said that the shoot was somewhat awkward, but the soft feeling was rather interesting. She also took the chance to check out the ladies in bikinis with Kwan Yu and even joked that she would like to poke the beauties' chests. In the scene Ah Sa was forced into the pool. Ah Sa finally got sick from it. No wonder she said that this scene was the most memorable for her in this production.

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