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Jackie Chan who is never tired of cultivating new comers recently saw Mainland actress Lin Peng and put her in his new film as the lead actress. Reportedly, Zhang Yimou also appreciated Li Peng and once made her the "Mou Girl". Finally Jackie Chan signed her. Because Lin Peng went to the same school as Zhang Ziyi, with Jackie Chan's appreciation she had a great chance to become the second Zhang Ziyi.

Actually Lin Peng got into the business in a similar manner to Zhang Ziyi. They not only both graduated from the Central Drama Academy, Lin Peng's class adviser was Ren Changli, who was Zhang Ziyi's mentor at the Academy.

Zhang Ziyi began her performance career as a "Mou girl", then went international with her good performance in Jackie Chan's movie RUSH HOUR 2. Lin Peng like Zhang Ziyi earlier played an important role in a Zhang Yimou Mainland performance. Jackie Chan was at the same event, felt Lin Peng had a lot of performance potential and decided to sign her. Lin Peng finally became the female lead in Jackie Chan's latest, Emperor distributed new film LITTLE BIG SOLDIER.

Lin Peng in the film played a singer who had to seduce two male leads Jackie Chan and Wang Leehom (Wong Lik Won). It absolutely was a big acting test. Fortunately Jackie Chan and Wang Leehom gave her a lot of pointers so she could perform at ease. Jackie Chan was very satisfied with Lin Peng and hoped to have the chance to be able to thank Zhang Yimou for his sharp eye on stars of tomorrow.

Aside from acting, Lin Peng also sang decently. Earlier she attended Wang Leehom's concert with Jackie Chan as guests and performed. She received a lot of good reviews. Next month she will release a record with a bright future ahead.

Lin Peng caught the eyes of two great film professionals Zhang Yimou and Jackie Chan. She excitedly said, "Sometimes I would feel that I am too lucky so I have to work twice as hard in return. Such a great opportunity, not every new comer can have it. I have to properly cherish it even more. I hope I won't disappoint people with expectations."

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