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"Through the most severe weather, a performance that challenged the limits of his body" for Aaron Kwok Fu Sing was the film EMPIRE OF SILVER (BAK NGUN DAI GOK). The film shot for nearly two months in Shanxi, where the temperature remained 10 degrees Celsius below zero. Sing Sing not only had to wear nearly seven pairs of pants and thermo underwear but also had to always have a heat pad on hand. Sing Sing even said that several times when they went over scenes in the snow, they were so cold that they almost could not deliver their lines. For half a second he almost wanted to run back to Hong Kong.

Because they were bald, by the end of the shoot the cast truly got sick. Sing Sing added, "When the boss Terence Kuo visited and learned that everyone was working under such a chill. He immediately put up six figures and asked the local producer to add hot food and double layer military coats for everyone, thus strengthening the entire team's morale!"

Sing Sing said, "I experienced a lot and had a lot of memories from this production. Today it opens in Hong Kong, I will treat the entire team to watch once in the cinema with the audience, share collective memory of those severe production experiences, and support director Yao Shuhua's hard work!" Although EMPIRE OF SILVER will face Chow Yun Fat's CONFUCIUS, Sing Sing expressed, "I believe with all the hard work and sincerity that were used to make this excellent film, the audience will support it. I hope everything will support EMPIRE OF SILVER as well as CONFUCIUS! Let the film industry flourish!"

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