Tuesday, January 12, 2010


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Eric Tsang Chi Wai and Kitty (Siu Yi) yesterday attended an event in Tsim Sha Tsui. Earlier Jacky Cheung Hok Yau angrily criticized TVB for constantly banning artists. Chi Wai said that ultimate victims of this royalty storm are singers on the rise because the royalty may not end up in their pockets. Chi Wai has always been a great cook. He revealed that in the past he has cooked abalone for the team's lunch. He said, "At the time I invited the team to have lunch at my home. In ten minutes I cooked abalone, shark fin and baked rice casserole. They were very happy after they finished."

He reportedly revealed that 72 TENANTS OF PROSPERITY (72 GA JO HAT)'s TVB artists only received "thanks without word". The tabloids immediately claimed that he led a revolt against TVB. Chi Wai stressed that the magazine exaggerated the matter. He expressed, "Any misunderstanding of my comment is bad, including for (Elaine) Lok Yi Ling. My comments that day did not have any major error in the coverage. First definitely no actor only received the note "thanks without word" without any money; second aside from top TVB actors, other TVB artists all received more money than they did on television." He took the initiative to mention TVB artists' pay for guest starring in films has always been low. Chi Wai pointed out that he only hoped to fight for reasonable pay with his comments. Chi Wai said, "I know many people went to work during time for their sleep. Some went to work for a day but promoted for five days. I had to call in many favorites for artist guest stars, back then when I made Shaw's LITTLE COP (SIU SIU SIU GAING CHAT) the actors didn't charge a dollar, so this time I also called in a lot of favors!" Chi Wai also pointed out that TVB's top artists in the film were all paid fully. He only wanted everyone to set their sights further with his comments. He said, "I look forward to TVB and Shaw to make more movies. Shaw's next movie will not start production until the middle of the year at the soonest."

72 TENTANTS OF PROSPERITY lead actor Cheung Hok Yau has been banned recently as well. Chi Wai said, "Hok Yau said that the record and the movie were separate. He would respect the company for record business and absolutely would not be the first traitor. That day when he promoted the film although he had some record company personnel next to him, he still very graciously worked with every television station." As for Hok Yau's comment that TVB constantly banned artists, Chi Wai was reluctant to comment. He said, "I am unwilling to comment. Everyone has their own reasons in their hearts. Because foreign companies have their reasons and TVB has its position, ultimate victims are mainly artists, especially the up and coming artists. The royalty in dispute may not be theirs." Did anyone dare to ask him after he made the comment? "No one dared! I would ask people to ask why the magazine wrote like that. Actually I hoped to clarify for those who were affected, because I can go without explaining for me, but I have to face the matter when I affect others."

Chi Wai admitted that rumors between his daughter Tsang Bo Yi and Vic Chou Man Yu were heating up. "I know it's not true! They are just working. The movie that I am producing, AU YEUNG POON JOI (AUYEUNG PLANT) asked my daughter to help. She went with the actors to costume fitting and clothes shopping, thus they were together more. This has been rumored for a long time."

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