Wednesday, January 6, 2010


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Due to film and television digital media industry's rapid development, Hong Kong Baptist University established Hong Kong's first film academy to cultivate even more professionals in creative technology, production, academics and arts. Thus, two nights ago the film academy held its founding ceremony with the support of film investors Law Sau Yiu, Peter Lam Kin Ngok, Tsui Siu Ming and artist Simon Yam Tat Wa.

Brother Wa revealed that this year he will reduce production in film because he had to make time to lecture at a university film class. As for the income reduction, Brother Wa said, "That's not important!" Did he already make enough? Brother Wa continued, "I only hoped very much to contribution a little to the film industry because the film industry now has a gap and needs to cultivate a group of new comers to succeed." Brother Wa said that as a speaker he will not receive any compensation, but joked that he should have $200 for transportation. In addition, Brother Wa also revealed at the end of the year he will make a police film. The financing has already been prepared and now only lacks a good script. He will direct.

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