Monday, January 10, 2011


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Andy Hui Chi On yesterday visited a senior center. He not only gave presents to the seniors but also played games with them. On Jai's international charity foundation members also volunteered in support of On Jai. Hui Chi On said, "When my parents were still with us they were old. Thus I am full of experience in communicating with seniors. Actually they are like children. In addition volunteering with fans is both meaningful and happy."

On Jai also said that today he will fly to Beijing for a new film production with a Korean actress. Later they will shoot in Korea and Dubai.

On Jai said that in the film he played an industrialist and thus he will use his own clothes in the performance. In the past he had many clothes that he only wore once and put aside. This time they could be of use and save the production a lot. As for romance with Korean co-stars, On Jai said that he has worked with Korean actors before but did not set off any spark. A friend suggested for Hui Chi On to live in a 7 star hotel in Dubai, but he felt that spending several thousand for a night was excessive. He joked that he would rather take a picture there instead.

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