Sunday, May 8, 2011


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Director Gu Changwei two nights ago led leads Aaron Kwok Fu Sing and Zhang Ziyi to a Shenzhen cinema to show their appreciation to viewers of their film LOVE FOR LIFE (JUI OI). Earlier Zhang Ziyi broke down three times when she received the support of enthusiastic fans and handicapable students. This time during the event when she talked about her life during the production she was again teary eyed. She said, "13 years ago I was only 19, when I made THE ROAD HOME I played an innocent girl; now I am 32, I have more life experience and some understanding about love, I would inject life into the fate of the film character." As for memories of the production, Kwok Fu Sing said with less than fluent Putonghua, "During the shoot I experience chilling winter and scorching summer, I truly sensed the farm village's 'anger' (energy)!" Zhang Ziyi cracked up and whispered to him to correct his Putonghua pronunciation.

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