Wednesday, May 18, 2011


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The film LOVE FOR LIFE (JUI OI)'s director Gu Changwei invited 3 director friends Jiang Wen, Lu Chuan and Feng Xiaogang to guest star. Jiang Wen played a tough train engineer, Lu Chuan a village neighbor and Feng Xiaogang a traffic manager. In one scene Feng Xiaogang held the traffic baton and yelled, full of express and comedic senses. Gu Changwei praised his acting as extraordinary and even promised to return the favor with the right script. However because the film had to be cut down, Gu Changwei helplessly cut away Feng Xiaogang's role. Feng Xiaogang was not angry. He posted online about LOVE FOR LIFE's almost 40 million RMB box office, "Congratulation Changwei, if you didn't cut out my scene the box office would have been even better, haha!"

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