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Fiona Sit Hoi Kei and Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming) have been rumored to be a couple. Although they have always denied their relationship, countless reports about it still appeared. Recently Fiona supposedly had slight depression due to her film character and her break up with Fong Cho Ming. Yesterday Fiona attended a cell phone event. She reiterated that she and Cho Ming never dated but declined to discuss the illness. She only said that she did not have any mental illness.

Fiona said that she read the report as well. She said that the only fact in it was she learned to play basketball but not too well. As for her relationship with Fong Cho Ming, Fiona said that they never broke up because they never started. Now she and Cho Ming are still in contact, but she would not deliberately approach him about such rumors. She never would report any rumor to him.

Fiona said this rumor has been around for seven years. She said, "I generously disclose to the public that we really are not dating, I don't know why no one believe it." She honestly said that the rumor has gone on for so long that she worried about potential suitors. After becoming Christina she was very at ease. How long ago was her last date? She said that it was not as long as seven years ago. Reporters said that meant she and Cho Ming dated? Fiona did not respond and only said that she has not dated for years, she has to keep everything else private. She said, "You of course have to wait for something good." Was Cho Ming not "something good"? She said that he was great, but they truly never dated.

As for illness, Fiona explained that she became tense from being in too character during the shoot and had physical problems. However it was not any mental illness or depression, only organ issues. She honestly said that she wanted to keep it private and did not want to say too much. Now she had to see a Chinese medicine practitioner for half a year.

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