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Peter Chan Ho Sun led the film WU XIA's cast including Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Takeshi Kaneshiro (Gum Sing Mo), Jimmy Wang Yu, Wai Ying Hung, Li Xiaoran and others promoted at the Cannes Film Festival for three days then attended a WU XIA press conference in Beijing. Gum Sing
Mo did not attend. At the event each actor talked about their production experience, but One Armed Swordsman Wang Yu suddenly looked serious and yelled at Yen Chi Tan, "How dare you!" The entire venue was silent, even Chi Tan was caught off guard and stunned.

The WU XIA press conference aired an eight minute video preview for the media, but Wang Yu's suddenly scream stunned everyone. Actually Big Hero Wang was just setting the tone and had a little fun with Chi Tan. He laughed and said to Chi Tan, "Did you forget? That's what I said to you in the film, I am testing your memory." He said that he has not made a movie in 17 years. This time the director gave him such an important role, which was truly rare. Thus he wanted to deliver the line "How dare you" again and relive the moment. Chi Tan immediately was recalled. He joked that he was not too daring. Since childhood he has been a Wang Yu fan, he still kept a saber today and imitate Big Brother Wang's photos. With this chance to work with veteran Wang Yu, he was like a little kid.

Wai Ying Hung revealed that actually she was Chi Tan's elder. When she was young she studied martial arts with Chi Tan's mother for two years. She joked that this elder was much too old and could be considered an old lady. Wang Yu joked, "If you are an old lady, then do I have to crawl out of the coffin?" Siu Hung said that he made many martial art hero films in the past, but this time he felt as if he returned to the Shaw Studio. However after the shoot he realized that it was the Chan Studio. After Chan Ho Sun he saw a new world for martial art films. Tang Wei said that WU XIA was a dreamscape that modern people have forgotten. They were in an out of this world paradise. When a kid woke up and saw his father becoming a big hero with top notch kung fu, it was like a fairy tale.

Chan Ho Sun pointed out that he was a wuxia fanatic. At age 9 he began to like watching wuxia films. Back then he saw ONE ARMED SWORDSMAN and fell for wuxia film; at 19 he saw Bruce Lee's WAY OF THE DRAGON; at 28, 29 he saw the fantasy world of wuxia films; in 2000 the appearance of CROUCHING TIGER HIDDEN DRAGON motivated his feeling toward wuxia film anew. At the time he decided that he had to make a wuxia film. He said that Chi Tan this time truly was very important because when it came to fighting he knew nothing. During the fight scenes, Chi Tan was the director and he was visiting the set. When he saw Chi Tan taking 50 takes in one breath, actually after three takes he already thought it was OK. He thought Chi Tan was the most solid of all action directors.

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