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Johnnie To Kei Fung two nights ago attended the "NOIR: A Film Noir Retrospective Bridging France and Hong Kong" with the French Consul General in Hong Kong. The event will take place between June 3 and 26, 27 Hong Kong and French films will be screened together. Other guests
included the French Consul General in Macao and Ringo Lam Lan Tung.

For one of the segments, Ah To selected nine films including Wong Tin Lam's WILD, WILD ROSE (YEH MUI GWAI JI LUEN), Ann Hui On Wa's THE SECRET (FUNG GIP), Tsui Hark's THE DANGEROUS ENCOUNTERS OF THE FIRST KIND (DAI YUT LUI YING NGAI YIM), Johnny Mak Tong Hung's LONG ARM OF THE LAW (SAN GONG KEI BING), John Woo (Ng Yu Sum)'s A BETTER TOMORROW (YING HUNG BOON SIK), Lam Lan Tung's CITY ON FIRE (LUNG FU FUNG WON), Alfred Cheung Kin Ting's ON THE RUN (MONG MING YUEN YEUNG), Wong Kar Wai's AS TEARS GO BY (WONG GOK KA MOON), Patrick Tam Ka Ming's MY HEART IS THAT ETERNAL ROSE (SAT SAU WU DIP MUNG). Ah To pointed out that in the past French film festivals were focused on recommending French films. This year's special screening would be a cross over exchange with Hong Kong film culture. Thus he selected 80's glorious and classic directors' work. He would like to see his mentor Wong Tin Lam's WILD WILD ROSE the most, because he has only seen in on DVD. As for Tsui Hark's CLOSE ENCOUNTER OF THE DANGEROUS KIND which was banned at the time, now the complete director's cut would be screened. The film finally saw the light of day again.

Speaking of rumors that Sammi Cheng Sau Man agreed to marry Hui Chi On next year, reporters joked that Ah To's earlier comment of On Jai could not escape Sammi came true. Ah To said that he was only joking. "How could they break up again? It's time to tie the knot! (On Jai hasn't proposed to Sammi at the concert yet?) Then On Jai should perform another show to propose to Sammi, it should be soon, in this or next year. Let me quietly ask Sammi then tell everyone."

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