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Elanne Kong Yeuk Lam earlier worked on the film THE WEDDING DIARY (GIT FUN NA GEIN SI) in Penang. After a month the production finally wrapped. She was very reluctant to leave the team because she has already become like a family with the cast and the crew. She joked that she would be willing to return to the set as a production assistant.

Elanne in the film played a couple with A Niu. One the night before the wrap she already said that she did not want to return to Hong Kong. On the final day of the shoot, the team shot on location on a bridge. A Niu had to ride a motorcycle with Elanne toward the camera. After her final scene when the director told her it was a wrap, the crew presented flowers to her and she was moved to tears. A Niu even deliberated said some moving words, which made her cry even more. Once she settled down, the crew brought champagne and Elanne excitedly chugged a bottle. Very soon she was buzzed and rushed up to bite the director's arm. A Niu followed and went to bite the director's other arm. The director cried for help then realized that they agreed to "thank" the director for taking care of them on the day of the wrap.

The team later fought for photos with Elanne. "I have never been reluctant to finish a job like this, this time I really have to want the director, A Niu, Sister Hung (Wai Ying Hung) and the crew for taking care of me during the period. I truly was very happy to be able to participate
in this film, hopefully in the future we will have the chance to work together again." Elanne even said that this film changed her view on marriage. "I always wanted to have a dream wedding, but after this film I feel wedding is really troublesome. In the future a simple yet elegant wedding would do for me."

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