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Liu Ye in FOUNDING OF A PARTY played Mao Zedong. To be realistic and convincing, he read a lot of books and biographies about Mao Zedong before the shoot for an understanding of his history, and practiced calligraphy and ancient poetry.

He made a big breakthrough for the film. To look more convincing, he in the film used double eyelid tape to deepen the effect. He honestly said, "I feel very honored to be able to participate in the shoot and play Mao Zedong. When I first got the script and learned that I had to play Chairman Mao I was worried whether I would be able to. Early in the shoot I always thought I looked very different from him. Later, thanks to the film make up artists and art director I was turned into a young Chairman Mao." He said that he was very satisfied with the result, even his wife thought he came from the "young Mao Zedong mold".

Liu Ye also had to wear a special wig and Chairman Mao's "trademark mole". Liu Ye said that at first he was not used to wearing a wig, which was very heavy and required adhesive spray all the time. However he boasted it was "worth it". Not only his looks needed to be adjusted, Liu Ye also spent time to adjust his inner emotions and thoughts.

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