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China's first Miss World Zhang Zilin in THE MONKEY KING (DAI LAU TIN GUNG) played Nuwu and her costume has been officially unveiled. Nuwu's concept costume and color utilization displayed elegance and grace. The legend of Nuwu repairing the sky will appear in the film through modern high technology for the first time. In order to complete Nuwu repairing the sky with crystal, the investment cost almost 5 million RMB.

This time Nuwu appeared in Nuwu's traditional human head snake body look, but details like accessories were more gorgeous. The colorful accessories on her arm was different from Nuwu's past serious image. At the same time, the film spent almost 5 million on the "Nuwu repairs the sky" scene. According to writer Edmond Wong Chi Hung, "The film not only put the focus on 'wrecking havoc in the Heavenly Palace' scene but also mixed in many causes and effects into the film. Thus, the Zhang Zilin played Nuwu was not making soy sauce as in the legend but truly had an important task to shoulder."

Zhang Zilin said, "At first when the film offered this role, I was somewhat uneasy. Nuwu as the female ancestor of humanity first had to have graceful Eastern femininity as well as the holiness that she should have. I tried to interpret both qualities, hopefully everyone would like this character." The film company also invited two dance instructors to conduct a week long dance training for her. During the shoot, Zhang Zilin was on the wire and in midway for 18 hours. She performed a variety of dance in flight and highly difficult spins. Zhang Zilin said, "After this scene, my body almost wasn't my own anymore."

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