Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Michelle Wai (Si Nga) won the Excellent Production 2010 Best Actress for her work on RTHK's LOVE THY FAMILY
courtesy of mingpao.com

Joey Yung Cho Yi
courtesy of takungpao.com

Radio and Television Hong Kong yesterday held a program award celebration to celebrate its employees' local and overseas awards. Joey Yung Cho Yi and Nick Cheung Ka Fai attended in support and were the guest presenters.

Cheung Ka Fai revealed that recently he had to lose weight for a new film. He has successfully lost over 10 pounds and now only weighed 120 pounds. He said that his weight loss method was very inhumane, cutting out sugar, salt, carbohydrates and all the food was steamed. He hoped the director would shoot his naked scene first. The film had topless fight scenes but not anything further.

Would he break his diet for one meal on Father's Day? He said that now every week he would have one exception meal. On Father's Day he would dine with his family.

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