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Yesterday Aaron Kwok Fu Sing as Longines elegance image ambassador attended a tennis award ceremony. Oxide Pang Shun revealed that perhaps he would ask his girlfriend Lynn Xiong (Hung Doi Lam) to work on THE DETECTIVE III, Sing Sing revealed that she was very mean and joked that she should play a cop lady role. When asked whether Lynn was more tender, Sing Sing said that he did not know how to answer.

Sing Sing said that his THE DETECTIVE II (B+ JING TAM) made over 20 million at the Mainland box office and successfully broke THE DETECTIVE (C+ JING TAM) record. "I am very happy, I hope its Hong Kong release also performs well. This film isn't a big investment, but it is a quality film with a lot of effort put into it. The most important is for the box office to rise, which both the cast and the crew are happy about!" As for THE DETECTIVE director Pang Shun earlier at the celebration did not eliminate asking Sing Sing's girlfriend Hung Doi Lam to perform. Sing Sing said, "I feel for work it is fine, work is work! (What role would you like her to play?) Cop lady! Earlier she has been Sassy Girl, actually she is pretty mean! (Is Lynn normally more tender?) I don't know how to answer!"

In addition, speaking of viewer praise of Sing Sing's body in the bathing scene and request to extend it, Sing Sing said. "Actually Pang Shun and I are familiar, so it won't be. This film was shot in Thailand, according to the story it's acceptable!" When asked whether THE DETECTIVE III (A+ JING TAM) would have a bathing scene, he responded, "I believe a more special story has to be thought up, more special than THE DETECTIVE II!"

In addition, Pang Shun two nights ago went with Ciwi Lam Sze Man to a Mongkok cinema to thank THE DETECTIVE II viewers and answer viewer questions. A viewer praised the director for making the Kwok Fu Sing bathing scene very pretty but it was too short. The director agreed to make it again next time. Lam Sze Man also represented one of the actors Izz Tsui Ching Hei and presented a hammer to the director, wishing THE DETECTIVE II to break THE DETECTIVE box office record. Pang Shun pointed out that this film after ten days in release in the Mainland passed 20 million at the box office and broke THE DETECTIVE's 6 million box office in Hong Kong. Thus at the end of the year he would make THE DETECTIVE III (A+ JING TAM) with the addition of four new characters. Would he ask Hung Doi Lam to perform? Pang Shun said that he could consider that, but both professionally and personally he would have to ask Sing Sing for his opinion. Would he have time to have a child with wife Angelica Lee Sinjie? He joked that child making only required the right mood, making a movie needed three months but making a child could be very fast and did not need three months.

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