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Yesterday Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi went to Shenzhen to continue work on REPEAT, I LOVE YOU. Her manager Emily revealed that so far she had no idea when the shoot would end and was waiting the director's arrangements. Two days ago Stanley Kwan Kam Peng pointed out that Pak Chi was unhappy and had enormous pressure from recent unpleasantness. Emily denied and said, "It's made up!" She explained that Pak Chi two days ago did not attend the film press conference because it was her 31st birthday. Before the production began she already asked the team for time off. Pak Chi did not keep taking time off as rumored.

As for the rumored marital problems between Nicholas Tse Ting Fung and Pak Chi, Emily said that she would not comment on Pak Chi's personal life and would only talk about work. In past years Ting Fung would spend Pak Chi's birthday with her, this year he did not and led to outside negative speculation. She said, "You have to ask Ting Fung."

Ting Fung is working on a movie in Malaysia. Yesterday Emperor executive Mani Fok Man Hei said, "Ting Fung didn't respond, we have no comment about his family life either."

Kwan Kam Peng said that after returning to work Pak Chi seemed fine and the news did not affect her. She was in decent condition. Did he talk to Pak Chi? He said, "As a producer I would say something supportive to Pak Chi. Pak Chi is very professional. Two days ago she didn't attend the press conference because she wasn't feeling well. The film will shoot as scheduled until early June. (Would Pak Chi work until completion?) The film company would make the arrangements. (Was Pak Chi unhappy about the news two days ago?) She is fine!"

Kwan Kam Peng said that Pak Chi was absent two days ago from the Shenzhen press conference due to a hand sprain. Yesterday Pak Chi already returned to work and would not hinder Kwon Sung-Woo's schedule. "We are set to finish all of Kwon Sung-Woo's scenes by early June. This still hasn't changed unless inclement weather hinders production."

Kwam Kam Peng said that Pak Chi before the shoot asked for three holidays, one for her birthday, the other two were for her younger son Quintus' birthday and Blackie Chen Chien-Chou's wedding. He did not understand why the media is always attacking Pak Chi. "Good actors are very rare in the film industry. Why is she always under attack? I don't read anything like that now, I don't want to puke up blood."

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