Sunday, May 15, 2011


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Fan Bingbing yesterday with Korean star Jang Dong-Gun and Japanese actor Joe Odagiri attended the Korean film MY WAY global press conference. The film investment reportedly reached 3 billion won, the highest in Korean film history. MY director Kang Je-Gyu praised Fan Bingbing at the event pointed out that in the film although she had no make up and was even covered in dirt, she did not complain at all and won the enthusiastic admiration of th team. Seeing two hunks Jang Dong-Gun and Joe Odagiri again, Fan Bingbing said that they praised each other as attractive. Because during the shoot they were all covered in dirt, they never saw each other's normal looks. Yesterday she finally saw Jang Dong-Gun in his most handsome. She continued, "After making the film I returned home, all my female friends were envious that I could work with Jang Dong-Gun!" Fan Bingbing said that she did not have too many real friends in the business and said that every actor was rather lonely. She too enjoyed staying home by herself.

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