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The film DETECTIVE DEE AND THE MYSTERY OF THE PHANTOM FLAME (DIK YUN KIT ji TUNG TIN DAI GOK) reached 300 million at the Mainland box office. In April it landed in France and broke the Chinese film admission record. With the film's word of mouth and box office success, its production company Huayi Brothers decided to invest big again on TAI CHI trilogy with DEE's team. The first film will start production in June and be released in 2012.

Although the film has not started production, the film poster has already been unveiled in Cannes. In the poster was a giant metal monster TROY NO. 1, which was filled of contraptions and set dusts flying around it. At its cockpit two people could be seen. In front of it a child was posed to keep it from advancing. The overall feel was mysterious and full of space for imagination.

As for why the film's English title was TAICHI 0, Huayi Brothers president Wang Zhonglei said, "The 0 in the title is the number zero, hinting that this would be a trilogy that starts from zero. Every film would not only have exciting selling points but also tell the complete story of "how a generation of Tai Chi master was born". TAI CHI whether in terms of genre, plot or casting would be "From Zero To Hero".

Interestingly, the film had the same Chinese title as Stephen Chow Sing Chi's earlier production! Chow Sing Chi's version was a salute to Bruce Lee's WAY OF THE DRAGON and about a Chinese kid who was a Tai Chi expert but worked as a dish washer in the U.S. Later he in order to save his compatriots battled evil. The films were completely different.

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