Monday, May 9, 2011


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Aaron Kwok Fu Sing earlier appeared on a TVB Entertainment News channel interview and looked back at his own film road. Sing Sing has been in movies for ten years and won two Golden Horse Best Actor awards. His acting has been recognized. Sing Sing said that he was not a highly productive actor as he focused more on character performance. He recalled his training class days and was sentimental. He said that he was the top of the class. His instructor said "performance isn't opportunity, you need to work even harder." The words were useful to him his entire life and he was very appreciative of all the directors who worked with him.

Sing Sing pointed out that opportunity was not something that people could grasp, but acting absolutely could rely on self study. Now he has already reached a mature age, with a certain amount of life experience and in depth understanding of social phenomenon and life at different levels. When he played characters he could easily grasp and capture character background and personality. He hoped to be like Chow Yun Fat and take public transportation with the general public, but because he loved driving too much he still has not been able to take this step.

Although Sing Sing performed well in film, he would not give up his music career. He said that he will perform a concert at the end of the year. The last time he got into the record book with the biggest revolving stage in the world. This time he decided to make a breakthrough from two years ago and create an all new experience for the audience. He will get into shape to thank his friends for their support with a six pack abdominal.

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