Tuesday, May 31, 2011


courtesy of takungpao.com

Michael Hui Koon Man yesterday attended Paco Wong's TVB Life program. In May Michael received the Udine Far East Film Festival lifetime achievement award. Michael joked that everything in Italian was so expensive that even going to the bathroom cost around HK$20. He only bought himself a pair of shoes as reward.

"The shoes cost over HK$4,000. This time they didn't invite me, but because the festival had a Michael Week I had to support it. It also proved that foreigners respected Hong Kong a lot." Was he offered to make a foreign film? Michael said that they asked why Hong Kong had less and less comedy and was less lively than before. Yet Hong Kong in order to coordinate with the Chinese market did not have as much Hong Kong authenticity as before. He hoped to make a movie at the end of the year.

His brother Sam Hui Koon Kit will become a grandfather to twins. Michael joked that his life would certainly change because from now on they would go out in a group of eight. He continued, "After I became a grandfather eight people did everything together, he will have nine. A group of people seems to be very happy but Sam doesn't like to go out. He can teach them to sing and play the piano!" Paco said that he already congratulated Michael and thought that he was the glory of Hong Kong. In addition later he had a movie with a little comedy and suspense that he would like to work with Michael on. The lead actor for now would be Stephy Tang Lai Yun. Hopefully it will be able to start production at the end of July

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