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Donnie Yen Chi Tan two days ago attended a video game ad press conference in Guangzhou. He honestly said that he did not have time to play games with his son. Instead he would be with the children more on outdoor activities. He also revealed that his three year old son had quite a desire to perform, thus he wanted to wait until he was older then he would teach him to become his successor.

Chi Tan in the game played a chief instructor. In comparison to making a movie, he thought the kung fu in the film was not as stringent as film. Many criticized online games as unhealthy, Chi Tan urged everyone to know the proper balance. "You can't say playing games is unhealthy, game is one of the products that prove the society is improving. I am busy so I don't have time to play games with children. In general we would do some outdoor activities and I would get an understanding of their daily school experience more. Since I treat myself like their friends, I would communicate equally with them more." Chi Tan also said that the best gift for the children was to participate in the children's lives. "My son is three year old and has never seen my movies. I used to think it's in his genetics. My son is amazing, he has quite a desire to perform. When he gets older I will teach him. He will be my successor." As for the three roles of good actor, good father and good husband, Chi Tan honestly said that good father is the hardest. Ultimately he and the children have age differences, and they keep maturing and changing. He has to grow up with them at their pace.

With the success of IP MAN, Chi Tan keeps on getting film offers. Yet he has not worked himself to death because he would like to play some characters that everyone has never seen. In addition he would like to spend more time on his children, thus he asked for time off. Has he thought about giving up acting? He confidently said, "Absolutely not. Chinese kung fu film is a very valuable film genre. Since I still have some influence, why not keep expanding it so it can keep getting international recognition? Most recent WU XIA's Cannes word of mouth has been great, the overseas media's generally good review is very rare. As a part of it, I am very proud."

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