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Wai Ying Hung, Jimmy Wang Yu

Fan Bingbing

Tang Wei
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Peter Chan Ho Sun on the 13th led the film WU XIA's cast Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Takeshi Kaneshiro (Gum Sing Mo), Tang Wei, Jimmy Wang Yu, Wai Ying Hung, Li Xiaoran and others to three major events, including one with The Weinstein Company, the U.S. distribution that purchased WU XIA for an astronomical sum, WU XIA's own party and its Cannes global

WU XIA was the only Chinese film to participate in the Cannes event this year. At the premiere, the European and American media were more familiar with two lead actors Yen Chi Tan and Gum Sing Mo, a foreign reporter was even a Gum Sing Mo fan.

After WU XIA's global premiere, the film also received rave reviews. After the show several hundred viewers kept cheering, which gave Chan Ho Sun and the cast a shot of confidence. The Weinstein Company boss Harvey Weinstein even described Chan Ho Sun as a genius artist and praised this film as a film with poetic quality.

First time Cannes attendees Wang Yu and Wai Ying Hung ran into many Chinese action film fans. At the Weintstein Company party foreign media recognized Wang Yu as a martial art superstar of a generation. At the party Chan Ho Sun introduced Wang Yu as a Hero and a Legend. Wang Yu humbly pointed out that he was neither, he was just a retired old man;
everyone laughed. Wai Ying Hung was excited to be in Cannes for the first time. Upon her arrival when she went shopping for suitable clothing for the parties and the premiere.

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