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FOUNDING OF A PARTY has already been confirmed for a mid June Hong Kong release. Aside from many vastly exciting scenes, the emotion scene between Mao Zedong and Yang Kaihui also added a romantic element into the film. Li Qin played a cute version Yang Kaihui and would play a "romance without age" with Mao Zedong. Liu Ye who played Mao Zedong said that this romance was very "tough".

Liu Ye revealed, "This character was different every one of my past character. Thousands of eyes are on your every word and move, any carelessness would be a bad take and over hundred actors and workers need to start over. So I wasn't sloppy at all." Speaking of the romance with Li Qin, Liu Ye felt even endless pressure. "Now I truly have the feeling of Post 70 not following Post 80. In the first scene when she praised me as tall, that lovable feeling made me feel very 'awkward'. Seemingly we really have a little generation gap."

Post 90 new comer Li Qin said that she thought this was a simple historical film, but when she received the script she was surprised to see such a touching romantic scene. It was a pleasant surprise to her.

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