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The Gao Xiaosong directed, Sammo Hung Kam Bo action directed, Han Geng, Wu Chun, Barbie Hsu (Tsui Hei Woon), Yuen Biao and Annie Yi Nengjing starred MY KINGDOM yesterday held its first trailer press conference. Han Geng, Wu Chun struck the drums for the occasion. The film will open in August. Two popular idols Wu Chun and Han Geng talked about the production and joked that they wanted to become action director Hung Kam Bo's disciples to form "Beijing Martial Art Gate" (sounds like CHINESE CONNECTION Chinese title). In the trailer, everyone fought for a "top martial art actor" golden plaque. In the film Wu Chun and Han Geng played martial art acting disciples who grew up together. They carried their school's destiny to win back the title and finally they had to fight to the death.

In the trailer the martial art designs were the biggest attractions. Han Geng and Wu Chun's close combat on the ladder was eye opening. Wu Chun said that for this scene he was on the wire for a week and was bruised all over from it. First time actor Han Geng held nothing back to complete his stunts. A few days into the production he already pulled a muscle. The stunt team described him as "fresh seafood". When asked who was stronger, they humbly said that the other was the real "major martial art actor".

Hung Kam Bo said that out of over two movie films, less than ten had an excellent script. MY KINGDOM would be one of them. He spent a year to put in his years of experience as a martial art actor into the action designs. Director Gao Xiaosong praised Hung Kam Bo as the top action director today. At the press conference, two videos of Hung Kam Bo personally played the human punching bag to guide Wu Chun and Han Geng in a fight scene. Wu Chun said that Hung Kam Bo has always hoped to help even more martial art new comers. Three months before the shoot he already organized a training and taught them move by move.

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