Friday, May 13, 2011


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Li Bingbing before heading to Cannes "took time" for the MARIE CLAIRE June cover. Like in SNOW FLOWER AND THE SECRET FAN she played two characters, appropriately interpreting the delicate feeling between "old friends". On one side was the older sister Fan Yi, in a sexy leopard print strap dress and leather studded jacket she smiled as if she has seen all the world has to offer; on the other hand was the elegant "black swan", alone as if she has read all of the stage life.

Li Bingbing will bring SNOW FLOWER AND THE SECRET FAN and 1911 (XINHAI REVOLUTION) to promote in Cannes and was already prepared for the red carpet. Because her influence among international brands and the films' own international attention, almost 30 top world class high class designers looked to work with her. The high class orders arrived like snowflakes from all over the world, with a rough estimate of 200 to 300 gowns for her to choose from. Even the worker said, "If all the high class order clothing prices were all added up, at least they would be over 30 to 40 million." Due to the high class order, the shipping and insurance costs naturally were high. The insurance alone was over 100 million. Top jewelry companies shipped valuable jewelry to Beijing. The jewelry that she has tried was over 200 million, as if she was in a real version of BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S.

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