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Peter Ho Yun Tung in the film BIAN DI LANG YAN played a sniper. Everyday he carried the 20 kilogram gun and rolled around in dirty to show everyone his transformation from idol actor to silver screen tough guy!

Peter looked cool with the gun, but his "shooting" took a lot of time and practice. He said, "The gun weighed 20 kilograms. From the start when I fired I would tremble all over. The director asked me whether I was a sniper or had an eye twitch? Later when I had free time I would feel the gun and load the gun, then I practiced to look more like the part." Actually the secret was very simple. Peter liked photography and felt pleasure from the sound of the shutter. For this film he treated the gun like a camera and imagined the loading sound as the camera shutter sound.

Tony Leung Ka Fai had the most scenes with Peter, but Leung Ka Fai in the film was not responsible for "playing cool" and did not have any romance. He primarily played "injured" and was called "the easily hurt man". Peter said, "Brother Fai and I met and greeted on the first day. Then he began to be injured continuously. For example, yesterday in a scene in which he lay on the ground, someone in high heels actually stepped on him. Brother Fai truly is too professional."

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