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The poster of another Jet Li film THE SORCERER AND THE WHITE SNAKE was also unveiled in Cannes
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Director Tsui Hark's new concept 3D wuxia 3D production FLYING SWORDS OF DRAGON GATE (LUNG MOON FEI GAP) held an uniquely Chinese "Bona Dragon Gate banquet" at the Carlton Beach Hotel in Cannes. Tsui Hark even personally welcomed guests at the "Dragon Gate Inn". The event also invited Chinese master chef Martin Yan to cook up Dragon Gate trademark dishes for guests. A 3D film poster was also unveiled.

The film's major location Dragon Gate Inn landed on the Mediterranean beach. Several dozen East Factory and West Factory banners flew loudly in the sea breeze, a variety of Ming Dynasty props that were flown from the Beijing production base and waiters in costumes interpreted the Chinese wuxia world into quite a fuss.

Aside from the special decorations, Chinese food that represented the Chinese cultural spirit was also featured that evening. The organizer invited two noodle masters to create four classic noodle dishes. Martin Yan created inn trademark dishes that Tsui Hark personally named. When all the guests were mesmerized with Chef Yan's cooking, Tsui Hark and Bona film company's Yu Dong unveiled a 3D version poster. In it Jet Li (Lee Nin Kit) felt as if he was breaking out with a sword in hand, all guests stopped and appreciated it in detail.

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