Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Gary Chaw (Cho Gat), Wong Ching Po
courtesy of takungpao.com

Gary Chaw (Cho Gat) recently has been busy recording his latest record and rehearsing for his world tour, but he still made time to come to Hong Kong for the LET'S GO (SIU SEUNG HUP) post production voice work. The film had many action scenes, so Cho Gat had to coordinate with different special effects during voice work. Normally singing was very easy for Cho Gat, but this time providing his voice in front of a screen was very difficult for him. Sometimes due to the sound effects even he moved accordingly, which made him look like an idiot acting with nothing. The crew all cracked up. Cho Gat said that the voice work was even more difficult than the fights in the film. He said that he was still more suitable for stage performance.

On the day of the voice work, Director Wong Ching Po personally supervised. Cho Gat said that before the shoot he saw Wong Ching Po's past work like MOB SISTER (AH SOH), JIANG HU, FU BO and the most recent REVENGE A LOVE STORY (FOOK SAU JEH JI SEI). Cho Gat honestly said that he admired his unique handling of his film, like the light and dark visual designs. The director's unique views inspired Cho Gat a lot musically.

Wong Ching Po also revealed that his mother was a Cho Gat fan, but last time in Hong Kong she missed Cho Gat's concert. Cho Gat immediately invited the director and Mother Wong to attend his July concert in Malaysia. Wong Ching Po said that his new film might shoot on location in Malaysia. Cho Gat joked that after the concert he could take him around to scout location, maybe he would have a chance to play the lead.

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