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The Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi and Korean hunk Kwon Sung-Woo starred new film REPEAT, I LOVE YOU yesterday held a press conference in Shenzhen. News figure Pak Chi was absent due to health reasons. Attendees included producer Stanley Kwan Kam Peng, director Calvin Poon Yuen Leung, actors Angela Chang Siu Hom, Jing Boran, Jing Tian, Sphinx Ting Chun Sing and Chen Taisheng.

At the press conference, producer Kwan Kam Peng waited until the end to express regret about Pak Chi's absence. Because Pak Chi was very involved on the set, the production made her very tired. He hoped that everyone would understand and give her some time. Later the host also said that Pak Chi could not attend due to health reasons and asked everyone to applaud to wish her an early recovery. As the press conference, the team broke into three groups of media interviews. Kwan Kam Peng who was with Kwon Sung-Woo and Chen Taisheng first stated, "Just ask me anything about Cheung Pak Chi, Kwon Sung-Woo doesn't want to say anything for Cheung Pak Chi." He honestly said that Pak Chi's manager Emily yesterday also came to Shenzhen for a meeting and gave the team an understanding of Pak Chi's current health condition. He said, "Emily said that she would head back and 'convince' Pak Chi to return to work as soon as possible. (Does the term convince mean she is unwilling to return?) We have to give her even greater support. In the film she played two different characters who are very different, the pressure is also large. In addition recently something unpleasant happened to her, the pressure and the exhaustion were even greater." Would Pak Chi's time off affect the production progress? Kwan Kam Peng continued, "We have another plan, hopefully we make up the progress. Kwon Sung-Woo in June will head to Paris for Jackie Chan's film, but Pak Chi's role will not be eliminated." He revealed that Pak Chi originally would return to the team two days ago. Emily would inform them when she would return. However he was not worried that Pak Chi would quit the film halfway and was confident that Pak Chi will be back soon.

Pak Chi's absence left Kwon Sung-Woo to carry the load alone. He said that for his first overseas development and movie in China he inevitably was nervous. Luckily with everyone's care and assistance the collaboration has been very pleasant. He also cherished this chance very
much. Because this was his first movie for the overseas market, it was very important to him. As for working with Pak Chi for the first time, Kwon Sung-Woo praised Pak Chi as a very seasoned actress in Chinese film. She did not just rely on one or two film to have everything that she had today. In the film her acting was very outstanding. She also worked on a Korean film before, and FAILAN was very popular with the Korean viewers. He said, "On this collaboration, many on the set said that she was very focused and performed very well. Pak Chi in the film played two characters, a lady and a strong woman. She gave a very focused performance and helped me a lot." In addition Kwon Sung-Woo reportedly was not used to Chinese food and insisted on Korean food during the shoot. He clarified that the report was baseless and honestly said that he liked Chinese food. As for whether Pak Chi's time off would affect his new film schedule in Paris next month, he believed that they had ample time and he would not be affected.

Director Poon Yuen Leung, Jing Tian and Ting Chun Sing were interviewed. Poon Yuen Leung revealed that the film has already more than half shot. As for Pak Chi's time off, he said, "Everything about her has been said on stage, I don't have anything to add. (When will she return to work?) No comment." Jing Tian played Pak Chi's cousin and had many scenes together. She felt that Pak Chi was very nice and her idol. Speaking of Pak Chi's time off, Poon Yuen Leung immediately cut in. "I believe we all lover her. Everyone is supportive of her. We are done."

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