Sunday, May 29, 2011


Yedda Chao Tong, Jacqueline Chong Si Man

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Jacqueline Chong Si Man, Yedda Chao Tong, Jim Chim Sui Man and others yesterday promoted their new film MICROSEX OFFICE (CHIU SING BAN GUNG SUT), gave away beverages and played games with people.

As for not being as sexy as Chao Tong, Chong Si Man did not mind too much. In the film she dressed neutrally except for a bikini scene. Was she worried about the crowd? Chong Si Man thought that since two men were on hand, she believed that she did not need to worry too much. She also revealed that in the film she would talk about some sex topics. Because of the company made sex products, her eyes were opened. Did she feel embarrassed? Chong Si Man said, "No, some were like art. I never thought it was (sex products). (Did you try any?) Haha, I still haven't
had a chance to."

Chao Tong dressed up according to the event theme of sexy office lady. She even added a suit jacket. Was she worried about people focusing on her chest? Chao Tong said, "I am not as I am covered in taped. Now it's very hot so there's a lot of sweat, nude bra and tape seem to be a little loose. (Would your wardrobe malfunction?) No, I am doing my best to keep them in place." Jim Sir said that earlier he just finished the new film's editing. He thought it was better than expected. Full of comedy, he was very satisfied. Now he is looking forward to the film release.

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