Tuesday, May 17, 2011


courtesy of takungpao.com

Wong Jing and Jim Chim Sui Man teamed up to turn the play MICROSEX OFFICE (CHIU SING BAN GUNG SUT) into a film, which will open on June 9. Chim Sui Man said that the film would keep some interesting characters but also would add in all new stories. In order to coordinate
with the theme, he created a "sexy office" and invited sexy stars DaDa Chen Jing, Koni Lui Wai Yi and Jacqueline Chong Si Man to join the cast as sexy office ladies. Shum Chi Ming would play the handsome superior who had the female employees in the office under his spell.

Lui Wai Yi, DaDa and Chong Si Man showed off this "career lines" in the film. When they shot the film poster they even wore bikinis in the studio and show off their beautiful figures. DaDa said that the shoot was not awkward at all. They got along great as they checked each other to prevent wardrobe malfunction. She and Lui Wai Yi even became good friends due to the shoot. This time she also learned a lot about acting from Brother Jing and Jim Sir.

Chong Si Man said that many paid Jim Sir to learn acting from him, but this time while working on the film she learned from him as well. It was a rare opportunity.

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